Wonderful HAGI

Wonderful HAGI


Access to Hagi

Case 1
Shin-Yamaguchi Station → Higashi HAGI station (Hagi no Yado Tomoe)

Discount fares are available until March 31, 2024.

Adult one-way: 2,090 yen → 1,600yen
Child one-way: 1,050 yen → 800yen

※ Adult with disabilities : 1,050 yen/Childe with disabilities: 530 yen
※One-way tickets are sold at Shin-Yamaguchi Station Information Center and Hagi Bus Center (automatic ticket machines).
※You can pay by cash or IC card when you get off the bus.

“Super Hagi Bus”, the express bus service to Hagi City, is operated by two companies.
Passengers using the JR-WEST RAIL PASS should use the Chugoku JR Bus service.

Case 2
Yamaguchi Ube Airport Hagi/Iwami Airport → HAGI(Hagi no Yado Tomoe)

Using a shared taxi from the airport is convenient

Yamaguchi Ube Airport (Required Time 75 minutes・fare 4,000 yen)
Hagi・Iwami Airport(Required Time 65 minutes・fare 2,800 yen)

This taxi will take you to and from the airport and Hagi city (where you wish).
*Payment methods: Cash, various credit cards are available.

How to translate a website

How to translate a website

Translate the document
1.Use Google browser.
2.Right-click the text of the site you want to translate using your mouse.
3.Select the source and destination languages.
4.Click on the mark to select the language to translate.